Mary Mar Keenan - Designer/Owner

MMclay is a handmade tableware business run by local ceramic artist and designer, Mary Mar Keenan, in her Hayes Valley studio in San Francisco. Mary Mar's pottery is used throughout many popular restaurants, and as a result, has become highly desirable tableware throughout private home collections as well.

In 2014, she designed and produced a collection of work for Stuart Brioza's (James Beard Award Winner Best Chef: West) most recent venture, The Progress. From this collaboration The Progress Collection was developed and has been featured in Food and Wine Magazine, Remodelista, Saveur, San Francisco Magazine and many others.

Mary Mar has also produced tableware for an array of other top-tier restaurants in the Bay Area and other cities in the U.S., including Nightbird (SF), Single Thread Farms (Healdsburg), A16 (SF and Rockridge), Octavia (SF), BearCat (New Orleans), Wildhawk (SF), BirdDog (Palo Alto), Alloy (Miami), Goose & Gander (St. Helena), Bellota (SF), Pendulum (Vail), and a variety of smaller projects/collections. For more information, collaboration opportunities and more, email me today!


Kristof Puchner

Director of Operations

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William Mantor

Clay Wrangler


Lil Seidlin-Gore

Clay Wrangler


Ian Espinocilla

Clay Wrangler

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Sam Kirk

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Noelle Foden-Vencil

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Reese Kolar

Clay Wrangler

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Leah Jarrard

Queen of Shipping & Handling

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Elise Manlove

Airstream Retail & Seller of Beautiful Things


Jen Moser-Villaseñor

Airstream Retail & Seller of Beautiful Things


Clay Wrangler: glaze mixer, slab roller, clay wedger, kiln loader, studio sparkler, pot perfectionist, wheel thrower, handle handler, glazey glazer