Sonya & Peter's Wedding Registry - Sept 7, 2019


Welcome to Sonya & Peter's wedding registry page! Below you will find all of the items that they have ordered. There are limits in quantity based on the 'number requested' in the description. All of these beautiful wares will be set aside and sent to Sonya & Peter.

When checking out please fill in Sonya & Peter's shipping address. If you like, please include a gift message at checkout. Each order and message will be sent to them directly once it is placed. 

Thank you,
Mary Mar

11" Dinner Plate - Sierra Line

10 requested White Chamois glaze

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7.25" Cereal Bowl - Sierra Line

6 requested Moonshadow glaze

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10" Serving Bowl - Sierra Line

1 requested Eelskin glaze

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6.75" Café Plate - Sierra Line

6 requested Gold Bug glaze (Dinner Plate pictured)

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9.75" Pasta Bowl - Sierra Line

6 requested Thai Blue glaze

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8.75" 'Stu' Bowl - Sierra Line

1 requested - Eelskin glaze

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