Tableware by MaryMar Keenan

Handmade in San Francisco

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This video is about the connection between chef and artist, and the resurgence of using handmade ceramics, pottery and dinnerware in restaurants in San Francisco and beyond.

Ever wonder how mugs are made, from scratch, without slip-cast molds or other mass-production methods? This video chronicles my process of creating mugs from clay to cup

About MMclay and MaryMar Keenan - My Passion Is Clay

MMclay hosted a Kickstarter from May 1st - 30th, 2019, which reached over 220% over the funding goal in it’s 30-day run. See the MMclay Kickstarter page for more details.

“Absolutely love it...a sheer delight. They make a difference. The hand-made, hand-glazed plate in earth tones, becomes part of the meal. The food is, in fact, presented. And thus tastes even better.” - D. Sheaff, Vermont