The Progress Collection - 11" Dinner Plate

These 11 inch plates make a wonderful accent for any meal and can also be used as small serving platters. The plate is surrounded by a raw clay rim and available in 5 different glaze options. The hand printed texture on the back is embellished with a very light coat of glaze and is a wonderful surprise to those who turn it over. Each plate is sanded in order to create a smooth bottom surface. Dishwasher safe. Glazes may vary.

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The Progress Collection - 9" Salad Plate
  • 9”d x 0.5”h

  • Foot at the base for easy pickup

  • Beautiful when stacked

  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe

  • Glazes will vary - each piece is a unique work of art

Glaze (Front/Back):
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