Margaret & William's Wedding Registry


Welcome to Margaret & William's registry page! Below you will find all of the items that they have ordered for their set. There are limits in quantity based on the 'number requested' in the description. All of these beautiful wares will be set aside and picked up at our studio in SF by Margaret & William. 

Please do not worry about the shipping, but when checking out, make sure you select the 'MMclay Registry - please do not ship' shipping option. Additionally, my site must have a 'shipping' address in checkout. Please ignore this - you can simply use your billing address (it should be the default option). As long as you select the wedding registry option noted above, we will be alerted that the order shouldn't be shipped. 

If you like, please include a gift message in checkout. Each message will be hand written and sent to them individually.  

Thank you,
Mary Mar

10" Serving Bowl - Workshop Series

1 requested

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11" Dinner Plate - Workshop Series

10 requested

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6.75" Café Plate - Workshop Series

8 requested

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14" Serving Platter - Workshop Series

1 Requested

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7.25" Cereal Bowl - Workshop Series

10 requested

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Stu Bowl - Workshop Series

4 requested

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Salsa Bowl

2 requested - Buttermilk/Deerskin Gloss glaze

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Carafe - Hayes Valley

1 requested - Buttermilk and White Chamois glaze

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